When I write a blog, or post a thought on social media, I am aware that not everything I say will be “liked” or even posted, based on the recent “social scandal” of Mark Zuckerberg.

I often think these hearings are little more than “strong arm” tactics to extort money; but that’s another post.

My Three Reasons

The reason I write is because, its a part of my modality of communication. It’s almost as if, writing was coded into my DNA. I write because I hear something in my subconscious, knocking on the door of my conscience mind, and I express what I feel/hear. I write because the Spirit inspires me. (capital S intended). I listen. I learn. I write. I don’t use my platform, as a writer to intentionally, destroy someone’s reputation. When, or if you are helped, strengthened, or gain insight from something I wrote, I am grateful. This means that I am, in some small way giving back.

In my last post we talked about honor, a key expression of integrity. Some important perspectives, or thoughts for me were, “to love is to honor, to honor is to love.” Another is “to respect our elders, is an act of service to them, which is to honor”. (implied meaning). What did you consider in the post to be a good take away?

To Define Is To Build

Defining something is important to understanding the scope and premise of any conversation. Defining also helps us in gaining an understanding of, or in a matter. So, before we begin our conversation, I want to define the word integrity.

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, Integrity is the quality of being honest, having strong moral principles, moral uprightness, internal consistency, lack of corruption. Other descriptions, or definitions of integrity are: unimpaired condition, soundness, the state of being whole and undivided.

These are all powerful definitions and can be beneficial for further understanding the importance and power of integrity, but for the sake of our conversation, let’s talk about internal consistency. Grab your cup of coffee first!

Although the definition, “internal consistency” is used to describe the quality of an object, Internal consistency is something that we can considered when discussing the human character. It is the most important part of any expression of integrity. Internal consistency requires the practice of self-examination. It requires minimizing weaknesses, building on and strengthening our integrity, as well as, becoming more self-aware.

In short, to be a person of high integrity, we must constantly be aware of ourselves. This does not mean that we become so focused on our flaws or shortcomings, that we become obsessed, limiting our ability to relate to those around us.

What self-awareness does is, give us a greater ability to manage our internal voices, and perceptions. We are better able to manage our thoughts, will, and emotions, and thereby better serve our communities at every level, starting at home.

Internal Consistency

What is Internal Consistency, as it relates to us humans? Well for a better understanding of how it relates to us, we would have to look at the two words internal and consistentlancy, separately.

Internal comes from the Latin word Internus, meaning inward. It deals with the inner nature of a thing. Some synonyms for internal are mental, psychological, emotional, personal, private secret, hidden. So to define internal in a few words, means to deal with our inner nature, more specifically, our mind, (thought life) our will (our desire toward the thoughts) and emotions (our outward manifestations/expressions of those thoughts). We address the secret thoughts, and our hidden agendas that could eventually cause harm to our relationships

Our second word consistency comes from the late Latin consistentia, denoting permanence of form. It has several good definitions like, standing firm, steadfast adherence to the same principles, or course. It also means agreement, harmony, or compatibility. Another is free from variation or contradiction, firmness of constitution (a body of fundamental principles or established precedents, a state or organization is governed by) or character. Equilibrium, or regularity are also used as definitions for consistency. Any one of these definitions can apply to us. We, as decent human beings, godly human beings, must strive to be free of contradictions, stable in all our emotions and actions. We should not be a people who say one thing, but do another, portray one thing, but inwardly, are something different. The one I like the most is “firm in constitution, or character. Within these two words consist the entire course of definitions.

Consistency in a few sentences is to govern ourselves by a set of principles, that would aid in the ability to maintain emotional, spiritual, mental, equilibrium, thereby granting us good, firm character. We would then become more productive citizens in our homes, and by extension our communities.

Integrity ~Not For the faint-hearted

Integrity is not an easy course. To walk/live in integrity we must make a firm decision to do so. We must decide that our lives are more important than the unrealistic world around us, and mantra of selfishness present.

Integrity presents us with the opportunity to walk in maturity. Integrity is a walk, that shows us our flaws along the way. Our weaknesses are exposed within its light. But the reward of integrity produces the fruit of peace, the trust of others, respect, and eternal reward.