Life Story (The Process)

Life Story (The Process)

Mom took me for my two month check up. The doctors could not believe what they were seeing. The little 3lb 8oz baby sent home to die, was now filling out, with chubby cheeks and legs. When asked what she was doing, my mother replied “what you told me”. What she didn’t tell them was, that she was feeding me every two hours, with just a little cereal in my bottle.

As relayed to me by my mother, my grandmother said, “every time she opens her mouth stick a bottle in it” and that’s what my mother did, along with consistent prayer.

My grandmother was a woman of faith as well, so coupled with grandma’s prayers and my mother’s constant declarations of what my life was going to be like, I made it to my sixth month. of life, but…

Life Edit

I had been doing well for several months. I was meeting all of the benchmarks of my growth and development, up until the sixth month.

My mother noticed that I was not turning over, or sitting up, by myself. She immediately contacted the doctor’s office and scheduled an appointment for me. After several test, and doctor’s evaluations, my general practitioner came in and told my mother…

“After testing and evaluations, Tracy will not be able to have a normal childhood. She will not be able to play, walk, go to the bathroom without assistance, or speak. She will be a vegetable for the rest of her life. We recommend you place her in an institution. You are young enough, you should focus on having other children.”

My mother snatched me from the doctor’s arms, spoke a few choice words to the physician, and took me home. Once again my mother decided, “not my child,” and she began to work with my legs, read to me, and determined that “her child” was going to be able to do anything, any other child was able to do” two to three months later, I was sitting up and turning over.

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