Watch Your Words

Grandma always said- “watch your words”.

Although, at the time I didn’t understand the power and relevance of those words.

As I reflect, an experience in early childhood, before grandma uttered those words of wisdom, gave expression to the meaning of those words.

I’ll explain. I was seven years old. I had just spoken with my Auntie Barbara,whom I admired so much. I said out loud, “ when I grow up I want to be just like her.” My dad who was angered at the time, by another situation, turned his frustration towards me, and said words that literally pierced my soul. It felt as if someone had taken a twelve gage shotgun, at close range, pulled the trigger, leaving my body intact, but putting a huge hole through my soul. He apologized later, but the damage had been done. For several years I walked around with this huge hole in my soul from his words.

Words have Power

There is a passage in the Bible that records God speaking things into existence, and those things becoming the very thing he spoke. It also records where Adam has this same ability (information can be found in Genesis).

Science is now expressing the same thought that God, my grandmother, and I knew by experience. Words create. Words can damage. Words change thought. Words can move matter.

In an article I read recently, Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto studied the effect words and music have on water. His findings were published in his book The Hidden Messages In Water.

In the article, Dr Emoto found that harsh words were destructive, but affirming words were creative, and healing.

As a writer, I create a place for imagination and creativity to be explored. Writing is an even more impactful experience for me when I recognize the power of my craft. When I consider the fact that my words will remain, as I write them and others read them, I am more apt to carefully consider what I write, how I write because we, the reader and I, will create new realities together.

So…I will “watch my words” grandma.

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